Remember this song from many years back? Today it speaks to us more than ever.

Hello friends, I hope this finds you, your families and colleagues well.

Now more than ever our world is punctuated by signs, and not just the usual highway landmarks and signs at the entrances to communities and office complexes, but a whole new crop of signs tells us which direction to move in the supermarket aisle and how far to stand from the next person.

Building directories, workstation and office signs, like this one we installed for our client, have been in use for many years.

While you're figuring out which signs best work in your space, don't forget the directional signs which indicate where employees and guests should stand, wait, and what safety measures you've put in place to keep everyone healthy.

We offer a wide range of sign styles and even field-changeable options, like this one, which features modules that slide out and can be re-printed in your office so changes are easy and fast.

There are designs to suit every office decor and budget so please reach out if you need help.

Speaking of signs, our cover photo, taken by Farryl Groder, is of the beautiful Greetings From Yardley mural, unveiled in October, which serves as a colorful gateway to our lovely riverfront community. Volunteers from Experience Yardley commissioned local artist and former Pennsbury High School art teacher Tony Napoli, who chaired the high school's nationally-famous prom for many years, to depict Yardley's scenic location and welcoming environment. Experience Yardley has worked tirelessly to promote the area, offering events such as Yardley Restaurant Week, weekly outdoor concerts featuring local musical talent, and Canal-O-Ween, all of which were sadly canceled this year due to the pandemic. When these events resume I hope you'll consider taking a day trip to visit our little town on the river.

It's hard to believe it's November and Thanksgiving is next week. I'm grateful for all of you and this year in particular I'm grateful for my health and that of my family and friends. I wish you and yours a healthy and happy holiday and safe travels if you're venturing from home.

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