Writeable surfaces for walls, workstations, and open areas turn any office environment into a spontaneous venue for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Conference rooms were the designated meeting spaces in the past but in today's open office environments, which feature lower or non-existent walls, private spaces are few and far between. Open offices encourage impromptu meetings but without walls, where can you share ideas and important info with your co-workers and managers? On your workstation. On the closest wall. Or anywhere a mobile surface can travel. Just as technology allows us to work seamlessly in any location, even at the nearest coffee shop, writeable surfaces allow us to keep pertinent info literally at our fingertips.

In this office, our client's use of Egan Visual's "Versa Jot" on the overhead cabinets provides ideal landing spots for sharing goals, ideas, and important employee info. Each Versa Jot piece was custom sized to fit.

Egan Visual Versa Jot

Common areas are great places to incorporate writeable surfaces. Even downtime can be productive so giving employees places to share is key. The seamless design of Springboard Working Surfaces' glass marker board blends in cleanly with any wall.

Springboard Working Surface

Don't have the wall space for a writeable surface? Mobile boards can be specified magnetic to hold a rotating array of paper and materials. Springboard offers a wide variety; choose glass or any Pantone color and let your imagination run wild.

Springboard Mobile

In our client's Marketing Department, collaboration is evident on Egan Visual's "Versa Pro" wall covering. This room was designed for maximum comfort and relaxation, encouraging both formal and informal exchanges of ideas. 

Egan Visual Versa Pro

We'd love to show you how products like these can help improve communication and productivity in your office. Contact us today to get started.

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